Juan Ramón Mateos Juan Ramón Mateos


Juan Ramón Mateos (January 2000) defines himself under the alias Givann as a composer, producer, and visual artist born in the Andalusian city of Córdoba, Spain.

Juan Ramón in his studio
Juan Ramón in his studio in 2021

"The desire to express myself through music is practically an innate instinct engraved in the deepest part of my being."

This reality, combined with the continuous interest in understanding and dissecting melodies and sounds from different genres, led Juan Ramón to become interested in music and receive basic musical training at the age of 14. During those years, he took guitar, piano, and music theory classes at a music academy in his hometown, but it wasn't until 2016 when he started using digital audio workstations and specialized composition software. In 2018, the year he began his university studies in Madrid, he left the academy and began exploring the world of music self-taught, delving into sounds and musical resources.

Since then, he has participated in several independent audiovisual and theatrical projects as a composer and has been awarded on multiple occasions, such as at the Daganzo Trascámara film festival for his collaborative work Flores.

In the musical world, he has also had the opportunity to work as a sound engineer in four university events (2020, 2021, and 2022), where he performed various tasks such as microphone setup, stage cabling, live sound engineering (using professional audio equipment), directing and coordinating work teams, recording and post-producing concerts for subsequent publication on social media, among others.

Additionally, Juan Ramón is currently working on his first studio album, inspired by his career as a producer and sound enthusiast, heavily influenced by great composers of the new age, film soundtracks, and electronic music. This album will involve extensive multitrack audio mixing but is also designed to be performed live.

His comfort in working closely with directors and audiovisual producers allows him to create soundtracks that faithfully adapt to the ideas and inspirations of the authors, developing creations that merge seamlessly with the works and evoke the desired emotions.

Work Method

Through his dedication and thirst for knowledge in the world of sound, Juan Ramón has found his path in music production.

Juan Ramón in 2022
Juan Ramón in 2022

Starting from sound libraries created from scratch and sounds generated by physical synthesizers, each project can follow a unique development method. This allows Juan Ramón to feel comfortable working under different demands and circumstances, feeling capable of tackling almost any genre.

In addition to physical synthesizers, he has turned his studio into a place for virtual synthesizers, where versatility combines with imagination in exploring different plugins and synthesis software to unlock an unlimited world of sound possibilities.

Every track and every layer of sound is meticulously designed during the production process. Juan Ramón seeks perfection in every adjustment, from bass lines to the subtlest details of ambient elements, always aiming for balance and harmony in his works.

What stands out the most is how he uses technology: not as an end in itself, but as a means to express his creativity and artistic vision. Each synthesizer, whether physical or virtual, is a strategic tool in his relentless pursuit of sound excellence.

His productions are not just songs; they are sound experiences that lead listeners to emotional landscapes, crafted with meticulousness and passion. Juan Ramón stands out not only for his technical ability but also for his ability to evoke and captivate through the magic of music.